Blake Meyers, Ph.D.

Blake's work focuses on genome-scale studies of RNA and components of RNA silencing pathways, with a recent emphasis on plant reproductive biology and the evolution of plant small RNAs. Blake has been involved with next-generation DNA sequencing since its earliest days, and he has developed a number of applications of this technology, including computational methods, that have had a deep impact on plant genomics.

Dr. Blake Meyers, Principal Investigator

Blake Meyers received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Chicago, M.S. and Ph.D.  in genetics at University of California-Davis and received postdoctoral training at DuPont Crop Genetics and UC Davis. He has served through the professor ranks at the University of Delaware since 2002, and also as chair of the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences.

Research Team

Lab members:
Patricia Baldrich, Postdoctoral Associate
Aleksandra Beric, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences - University of Missouri
Qili Fei, Graduate Student, Department of Plant & Soil Sciences – University of Delaware
Margaret Frank, Postdoctoral Associate
Lanjuan Hu, Visiting Scientist
Sandra Mathioni, Postdoctoral Associate
Mayumi Nakano, Computational Group Manager (works remotely)
Suresh Pokhrel, Graduate Student Division of Plant Sciences - University of Missouri
Josh Rothhaupt, System Administrator
Chong Teng, Postdoctoral Associate
Rui Xia, Postdoctoral Associate
Jing Xu, Research Assistant

Lab members located at the University of Delaware:
Michael Colgan, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences
Ryan DelPerico, Intern
Feray Demirici, Computer Scientist (works remotely)
Ayush Dusia, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Reza Hammond, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Kun Huang, Postdoctoral Associate
Atul Kakrana, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Tzuu-fen Lee, Postdoctoral Associate
Sherin Mathews, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Parth Patel, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Deepti Ramachandruni, Computer Scientist
Saleh Tamim, Graduate Student, Bioinformatics